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Home > Articles > Sex Toys Articles  > How to choose your first vibrator?

How to choose your first vibrator?
How to choose your first vibrator?

What do you look for, need and want in a vibrator that will stimulate you sexually and sensually?

How to choose your first vibrator is not easy in part because of the great selection offered online and in brick and mortar stores. How to choose your first vibrator is a guide on choosing the right style, color and features you want based upon what you personally want the vibrator to do, where you intend to place it and how much power you desire. Also of some importance is the color, material used and power source, although the general rule that the bigger the vibe, the greater the power. Now while that may seem too simple don't underestimate that vibrators are made to satisfy specific rather than general needs and the needs will determine what you choose and to some degree how much you will pay.

Lets begin with clit vibrators which are used to stimulate a woman's clitoris and are often not insert able due to the diminutive size. A large number of these vibrators are made to satisfy a growing need for this specific need that women have and have demanded products to meet this need. So what do you choose? First of all keep in mind that clitoral vibrators are often designed to stimulate the clit with a flat head or other styles that will allow stimulation in that area thus they are not really designed to be inserted vaginally or anally. While this is often not a problem the clitoral vibrator may only work well with clit stimulation and the woman will have to resort to another vibrator or her fingers to have any insertion. Clitoral stimulation is a huge consideration and many women conclude that this is the only vibrator they need. Of course a clit vibrator can be used to stimulate her nipples, anus and generally provide overall stimulation.

Consider how and where you are going to use your vibrator and there are a couple of things to mull over before beginning your shopping. First are you going to use the vibe for vaginal, anal or g spot stimulation. While most vibrators can be used for vaginal and anal insertion, the same does not apply to g spot or clit stimulation. If this is your first vibrator you may want to simply default to a vaginal insertion vibrator that can also double as an anal vibe with the benefit of clit stimulation. But doubling depends on how you describe a vibrator working for both areas. Keep in mind that not all vibrators are created equal and this is in terms of power. Generally speaking vibrators that use household power or plug into a socket are going to deliver the most vibrations. Many women want and need a lot of stimulation and thus this may determine what they want to buy. The Hitachi Magic Wand is a clear winner in this race. The Hitachi is powered by household power and delivers one of the strongest vibrations on the market. One thing that may be a drawback is that it is not portable. As long as your bed is next to a power plug or you can reach one with an extension cord, you are good to go. This is not much of a problem but can be depending on your circumstances. Often women want vibrations that they can take all over the bed, room or house. They also want one they can take into the shower, bath or hot tub. The Hitachi will not go there and you donít want to electrocute yourself simply for the sake of clitoral stimulation. While the Hitachi is the power leader, it is also rather noisy. If there are little kids or roommates around then you might not want to publicize that you are in bed using your vibrator. So there is a cost for all that power. On the other hand there is a value that far exceeds many other vibrators low power output. If you want to attack your clitoris with vibrations after vibrations then the Hitachi is clearly your vibrator. Keep in mind that it is not insert able as it does not have any attachments and some women report not liking the oversize head but this seems to be overcome by most women.

You can always buy another vibrator for more specific needs so don't worry needlessly. Next you may want to consider size. Here there is a wide range of sizes available ranging from a one or two inch bullet egg vibrator all the way to an 11 or 12 inch vibe and everything in between. One again consider that the larger the vibrator, the stronger the vibrations. This is primarily due to the larger the batteries the greater the power. A couple or three size D batteries will deliver more power than two or three AAA batteries. Also many of the smaller vibrators use the smaller watch batteries. What you lose in power, you gain in portability. Many women want to be able to hold their vibrator for a relative long period of time and donít want to risk tiring of the weight and bulk. While a very meaningful criteria it is up to the girl and her personal needs. The more and larger the batteries, the stronger the vibrations and the heavier and larger the vibe. So not only does size determine the length or width of the vibrator but it determines how intense the stimulation you receive.

Don't ignore the width of the vibe as many women experience discomfort when the width of the vibrator is too wide for their vaginal opening. Only you can decide if you want a wider, thicker vibe. Some women are considered size queens and that refers to their preference for longer, wider vibrators that mimic the size of a man's penis and the larger, longer, thicker and harder the better. Other women on the other hand do not wish to experience larger and larger sizes. It is up to you!

Style is another consideration and the styles available are rather significant. Style refers to jelly vibrators, bendables, g spot, finger vibrators, clit vibrators as we have discussed, traditional vibrators which are the original style is a shaft with a slick outer coating, realistic with veins and balls and the newer stylized in vogue vibes that often can pass as works of art. Here is a good time to discuss the realistic vibrators. The traditional vibrators are shafts of different lengths and they can meet a girls needs. Other women prefer a vibrator that looks more like a real man, with veins, a bit bumpy and with a head on the penis. Often these vibrators also have simulated balls that can have a very stimulating effect on her clit. Ranging in length from 3 or 4 inches all the way up to the gargantuan 12 or 13 inches these realistic vibes look and feel like a mans penis. To add to the realism there are a number of them that actually ejaculate after filling the container with a mixture intended to look, smell like a mans ejaculation. These are suitable for vaginal or anal insertion as well as oral sex and clit stimulation. Some women prefer the traditional shaft like vibe while others prefer the real looking ones.

Anal vibrators are generally slim and can be inserted into her anus. They are often semi circular like anal beads or have a circular head again for stimulating her rectum entrance. While some women donít want anything going into her anus, others want vibrations and lots of it. The good thing to know is you have the option of purchasing one of these products.

G spot vibrators have gotten some popularity but again it is up to her if she wants to venture into stimulating the often difficult to locate g spot. Many women have never even tried to find her g spot and may never take the time. Those who have tried and succeeded in finding the g spot many women report volcanic orgasms. This is apparently not enough to encourage all women to seek to find their own g spots. The G spot vibes are designed in a way to reach the area and many are flat in order to allow proper stimulation.

Rabbit vibrators are hugely popular and one of the reasons is their versatility. When first introduced years ago they instantly become enormously huge sellers. They are shaft like with the ďrabbit earsĒ which are ear like little tentacles that aspire to vibrate her clit while the shaft enter her vagina and the ďpearlsĒ rotate against the walls of her vagina. Many of the rabbits have multiple speeds with the shaft vibrating, pearls spinning and ears rocking back and forth. There are even some thrusting rabbit vibrators that mimic the in and out motion of a mans penis thrusting in and out of her vagina. Some women swear that the rabbit is the only vibe they need and want and that may mimic your desires as well.

Finger vibes are very popular in large part due to their small size that makes them great for clit stimulation. They are easy to carry in a purse or suitcase and they are rather quiet. They are not as powerful as their larger brothers but many women simply donít care. They can bring her to orgasm and little else matters.

Oscillating massagers havenít quite taken hold and the reason may be a lack of reliability despite having a loyal legion of fans. While vibrators vibrate randomly, oscillators move back and forth much like a tooth brush. It is not a random motion and many women prefer that. Regardless of what type of vibrator a woman chooses, most women find a need for them whether it be when their man is not available or as an addition to a healthy sex life. In either event choosing the best vibe for the job is easier when she knows what she is looking for.
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